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You’re a start-up company thinking about taking on your first team members or you’ve got a team in place but you’ve been too busy to get the boring (but necessary!) HR paperwork in place?

Maybe you’ve got the HR paperwork but it’s so ancient it needs a revamp or you cobbled it together using templates off the internet and you’re not sure it protects you and your business?

Yes, HR paperwork is often seen as a necessary evil but it’s also your first line of defence should anything go wrong. Better safe than sorry!

How we solve your urgent HR problems

We recommend that every business has a robust contract of employment, the basic policies (especially the ones required by law!) and a method to log hours, holidays and sickness absence. Pretty simple really!

Why do I need these HR essentials?

It is a legal requirement for employees to be provided with a contract of employment BEFORE or on their commencement date with the company. Whether it’s a full-time contract, part-time, minimum hours or zero hours, we can advise you on which will suit your circumstances best.

Your employment contract sets out the contractual relationship you have with a person. It should include all statutory clauses as well as enhancements such as the right to monitor staff, a confidentiality clause and restrictive covenants for key employees. Most importantly, your contract of employment should reflect your company culture with easy to understand, user-friendly language whilst still ensuring full protection of your business.

A Company Handbook should include both statutory and bespoke policies, procedures and associated forms to assist you with the smooth running of your business.

Having all the relevant policies and procedures in place ensures your staff know what is expected of them and allows you to manage them in line with current legislation and best practice. A good handbook should also provide you with a level of defence in the event of any potential Employment Tribunal claim.

Logging your employee’s hours, holidays and sickness absence is important and necessary to keep you compliant but it doesn’t have to be a pain. We love to automate and use cloud-based software to save you time and data protection headaches.

Let’s solve your HR problems!

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