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All of our associates have their own successful businesses and they contribute to the success of my clients as and when we need to call upon their superior skills.

Let us introduce you to just a few of our most trusted experts and friends of the business:

Joanne Alvey

Legal 500 Recommended Employment Law Solicitor

Joanne is a rare breed amongst solicitors; she’s both commercially savvy and practically minded. She has a broad range of experience and is committed to getting the very best results for clients. Don’t worry about being bamboozled with ‘legal speak’, Joanne is brilliant at speaking your language!

Her passions outside of work are: Muay Thai boxing, good food and family time.

Our Associates Dynamic HR Services

Laura Leach

Dynamic PA

Laura is a gem in the world of personal assistants; she’s incredibly organised and always two steps ahead. With her meticulous attention to detail and proactive approach, Laura ensures everything runs smoothly and efficiently. You’ll never have to worry about any task slipping through the cracks with her on your team.

Her passions outside of work are fitness, family, and healthy eating.

Our Associates Dynamic HR Services

Barry Lewis

Business Psychologist and Mind Expert

Using psychometric and behavioural tools coupled with sound business acumen, Barry assists businesses with team development and learning.

His extensive experience working with businesses of all sizes, in the UK and abroad, sets him in good stead to help give companies a refreshing boost.

His passions outside of work are: golf, speciality ales and travel to exotic places

Our Associates Dynamic HR Services

HR Team

Experts in Disciplinaries, Grievances and Appeals

The go-to experts for all things disciplinary, grievance, and appeals. With a wealth of experience and a knack for tackling even the trickiest situations, they provide invaluable support on an ad hoc basis. No challenge is too big or too small for this dynamic group.

When they’re not expertly handling sensitive matters, our associates enjoy continuing their professional development, staying up-to-date with the latest HR trends, and bringing their diverse skills and knowledge to every project. With our team on your side, you can rest assured your HR challenges are in capable hands.

Our Associates Dynamic HR Services

Harvey Dog

Chief of Walks and Treats

Harvey’s got a nose for adventure and a tail that never stops wagging. Whether he’s leading the way on a brisk walk or charming everyone for extra treats, he brings joy and a bit of canine wisdom to the team.

When he’s not busy being the office morale booster, Harvey loves exploring the outdoors, indulging in belly rubs, and napping in the sun. He’s proof that a little bit of tail-wagging can make any day better.

Our Associates Dynamic HR Services

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