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Congratulations! You have a profitable business and you’re looking to grow and expand. This is an exciting time but there’s a lot riding on your decision and you need to make sure that this growth strategy succeeds. You need to scale successfully.

What can you help us with?

Often a growth strategy will fail when a company isn’t ready to expand and without a strong foundation of HR and people practices, expansion is simply a gamble.

Over the years of working with many small and medium businesses, we have developed a set of processes and systems which are proven to help you grow your business and maintain your great workplace culture.

Who is it for?

The ‘Scale for Success’ programme is for business owners who want to grow their team and their business, but they don’t know how. They fear losing control and spoiling the great culture that they have in place as their team gets bigger.

How can you help us?

Over a number of years, we’ve identified that small businesses, run by entrepreneurial visionaries like you, are at risk of growing too quickly. The main culprit being hiring in a panic and not considering essential team fit elements – leaving you with a toxic workplace culture. 

The second main culprit being a lack of structure and effective processes in the business.

Here’s how it looks; most small businesses begin their journey of growth with a great core team of around five people …They all work incredibly well together, they’re a family – business blooms and the company owner panics about not being able to fulfil all the new work. So, they ‘distress recruit’ and settle for a ‘bum on a seat’. The new recruit isn’t properly embedded as everyone is so busy … the existing processes aren’t well explained and the person is thrown in at the deep end and expected to perform. 

The team grows, client work gets done but cracks start to appear at the heart of the business, so the owner begins to try and take control. The team don’t really know what’s expected of them, the company processes aren’t written down. The core team members are unhappy being micro-managed and don’t enjoy their new working relationships or the general company dynamics. That great team vibe has disappeared. What happened?

Firstly, the wrong people were recruited – no one checked they had the right culture and company values fit. There was no framework in place to ensure they were onboarded effectively.

Secondly, without written expectations and ‘how we do things’, the team have no guidance and therefore the leader feels they have to police every thing that’s done in the business. The business has become directionless and the leader is running around controlling everything and running themselves into the ground with the long hours they’re working and the stress.

Let’s solve your HR problems!

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