I need HR for growth HR for growth from Dynamic HR, Servicing Wilmslow, Cheshire

Congratulations! You have a profitable business and you’re looking to grow and expand.

This is an exciting time but there’s a lot riding on your decision and you need to make sure that this HR for growth strategy succeeds.

How can you help my business growth and HR?

Often a growth strategy will fail when a company isn’t ready to expand and without a strong foundation of HR and people practices, expansion is simply a gamble.

Over the years of working with many small and medium businesses, I have developed a set of processes and systems which are proven to help you grow your business.

We start with an HR document and processes review

We will start with setting the foundations including reviewing HR documentation, HR processes and your company values and culture. This may be a quick process if you’ve already got these things in place but it’s always good to ensure that they are fit for purpose and that your staff truly live, eat and breathe your company values.

Once the foundations are set, I’ll work with you to put in place a robust HR for growth strategy, support you in any recruitment needs and ensure your new recruits are fully onboarded.

We will focus on ensuring that all your staff have aligned goals and career paths, that you have a system to ‘grow your own’ employees and that you have a strong supporting HR software in place. Your people are your strongest asset, with a strong, collaborative team, you will create a competitive advantage that cannot be replicated.


Ready to go ahead and grow/expand your business today?

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