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‘Culture’ has become somewhat of a buzz word and so it should! Made most famous by the likes of NetflixZappos and Timpson’s, culture is essentially the unwritten ways of doing things that make a business a great place to work.

Recently, the words ‘toxic workplace culture’ have been used more and more often. This is when a workplace becomes a fearful, negative place to work. It comes with the trend of ‘command and control’ management (aka micromanagement) and is run by creating a sense of fear amongst staff.

If you’re experiencing high levels of staff turnover, sickness absence and lateness and your workplace is a soulless place to be, chances are you’ve got a toxic culture. That’s the bad news … the good news is, it can be changed.

What can you help us with?

Our mission is to help small businesses create amazing workplace cultures where employees can thrive and the business can scale, profit and grow successfully.

The best workplace cultures embody collaboration and a flatter, more coaching focused style of management. They have a strong vision and values, creating a tribe of amazing people, all working to a collective vision. Their people are empowered to get the job done without constant micro-management.

If this feels like a dream and you’re thinking this can’t be achieved for your business, we know it can. We’ve been doing this work for more than 10 years and there’s not one business we’ve failed to transform where the business owner has been onboard, and had the desire to change.

Who is it for?

The Foundations of Success programme is for business owners who want to create a great workplace culture and reap the benefits of a more engaged and productive team. 

For any business to create and sustain high performance, it is necessary to align and focus the mindset and behaviours of its people with the goals of the business leader, but it is equally important to create a workplace where connection, relationships and people are at its core.

“Your employees will be happy, fully engaged and out-perform in their roles when they find purpose, connection and meaning in their work. It is your responsibility as a leader to give them that.” Natalie, Dynamic HR Services

How can you help us?

Our signature framework the ‘Foundations of Success’ is everything you need in your business. It provides you and your employees with a strong vision to work towards, a clear communication strategy with comprehensive expectations, a two-way communication platform (plus more) and all this adds up to an empowered and motivated team. 

Our aim will be to create internal habits, processes and behaviours in your business using the framework. Our role is one of expert, advisor, mentor and coach as we believe that ultimately, culture must be owned internally.

This is a list of some of the main elements we’ll cover together and implement:

  • Create a compelling company vision, mission and values
  • HR documentation and HR strategy
  • Clear job descriptions with outcomes and expectations
  • An analysis of your team, their skills and culture fit
  • A recruitment and onboarding strategy
  • Development plans for all staff
  • A performance feedback platform
  • A company culture handbook
  • Leadership coaching and training for managers

The Foundations of Success creates your culture, mission, vision and values, placing them at the very centre of your business. By intrinsically linking your company objectives, vision and values and with your people you create a competitive advantage, one that cannot be replicated by a competitor.

Let’s solve your HR problems!

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