Find out what makes your people ‘tick’ and more productive.

Uncover the processes that increase your revenue, staff well-being and performance.

Keep ahead of legislation and the risks of having employees.

With the Discovery Day I will dive into your business reviewing your company culture, people, processes, HR and all the essentials that drive performance, engagement and therefore profit!

You’ll get a full report on your company’s growth and profitability, where your risks lie and an action plan on how to maximise your business’ success.

The Discovery Day is great for identifying what you need to do to achieve growth and profitability for you and your team. You’ll have a full oversight of any risks so that you can take action, minimise these and buy yourself peace of mind

We’ll spend time on a Zoom call (or if you’re based in the North West on-site at your offices) where we’ll discuss your business; your vision, your frustrations, how you already do things and what you want to achieve in the next 6-12 months. I’ll even review your current HR documents for compliance with the latest legislation.

Then, I will apply my wealth of HR knowledge and experience in super charging businesses and package everything up in an in-depth, comprehensive report – free from jargon and bullsh*t!

Its then up to you – you can follow the action plan and implement it yourself, or we can work together to get it done.

You may be running a very successful business and be wondering why this Discovery Day offer is for you?

A fresh pair of eyes and a different take on your business is really important from time to time.

When was the last time for example that you looked at your business through the eyes of your team? Could you do that objectively and without bias? The truthful answer is probably no.

You may be struggling with your business and might be watching the costs, if that’s the case then you’d be mad not to invest in this Discovery Day. Often cash flow problems and low productivity stem from your people and with my support we can remedy that. Plus we can always agree a payment plan.

Ready to invest? We can start straight away, all you need to do is to register your interest by clicking below and I’ll call you back to take payment and book you a slot.

The Discovery Day and report costs £975, discounted for a limited time only to £599.

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