We write legally binding contracts of employment that get the best from your staff and protect your business from disputes.


Employment contracts that protect your business

When you take on staff, you trust them to do their jobs well and they trust you to look after them.

If your staff don’t know what their responsibilities are, or simply don’t do the work you need them to, trust breaks down and your business suffers.

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We create contracts of employment that lay out exactly what you expect from your staff in language that they understand. We don’t do baffling legal speak here!

Should the worst happen and you need to take action against an employee or dismiss them, you can rest assured that you have employment law on your side.

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Contracts of employment, by definition, are legally binding agreements. In the UK, they consist of express written or verbal terms in the employment contract and implied terms which are usually not expressly stated but incorporated in some other way. Although employment contracts are governed by contract law there are many statutory rules which affect employment contracts too.

It’s essential that employers follow the law but it is also good practice to ensure that both employers and employees understand the basis on which employment has been agreed. Having a well-drafted contract should enable this to happen.

Any employee who has been employed for one month or more has the statutory right to a written statement of particulars of employment. From April 2020, all ‘workers’ will also be entitled to receive these key terms, before or on day one of their employment.

Not having professional contracts for your employees is a huge business risk. You could even be breaking the law.

If your employment contracts aren’t written correctly, you could face payments of up to £95,000 if an employee dispute goes to a tribunal.