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toxic culture office lady thumbs down sad

Toxic culture – spot one, stop one, change lives

Toxic culture … When was the last time you stopped? Just stopped and looked around at your team, your business... Read More

Can I force staff to have the Covid vaccine?

Can employers force staff to have the Covid vaccine?

“No jab, no job” – the ethical dilemma of forcing staff to have the Covid vaccine. The question of whether... Read More

Managing teams remotely in lockdown 3.0

Are you fearful of your staff working from home and taking the p*ss? I’ve had several chats since the lockdown... Read More

covid office christmas party

Covid Office Christmas Party

Can we have an office Christmas Party this year? This question has been haunting me for the last few weeks... Read More

showing how to onboard remotely for new employees

How to onboard remotely (in a pandemic)

How to onboard remotely so that your teams hit the ground running … Many organisations were only just moving from... Read More

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