HR is dead.

Long live people strategy.

If you want HR done differently, you’ve come to the right place.

Does the thought of HR send you to sleep or make you want to tear your hair out?

Yeah, us too. At Dynamic HR, we’re not like other HR companies who force you to follow long, prescriptive processes. We present you with options along with the risks, so the choice is yours and we do it in a no-nonsense way that makes HR easy and accessible.

We believe in creating win-win situations for our clients and their staff rather than following archaic and often degrading policies and processes.

We’d love you to have a nosy at how we can help you below, and then get in touch to have a no-nonsense conversation about how we can work with you.

What can Dynamic HR offer your Company?

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Urgent help

We specialise in solving those annoying people problems that not only eat up your valuable time but keep you awake at night. We are commercially focussed, and we’re great at finding flexible/practical solutions no matter how difficult the problem.

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HR essentials

Maybe you’ve got the HR paperwork but it’s so ancient it needs a revamp or you cobbled it together using templates off the internet and you’re not sure it protects you and your business? Yes, HR paperwork is often seen as a necessary evil but it’s also your first line of defence should anything go wrong. Better safe than sorry!

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Tough times

Your business is going through some tough times, and you need some guidance and HR support from someone who can give you no-nonsense advice (and a bit of empathy). We will talk you through the relevant process, the risks, your options and the best solutions.

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If you’re experiencing high levels of staff turnover, sickness absence and lateness and your workplace is a soulless place to be, chances are you’ve got a toxic culture. That’s the bad news … the good news is, it can be changed. Our mission is to help small businesses create amazing workplace cultures where employees can thrive and the business can scale, profit and grow successfully.

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Scale & grow

Often a growth strategy will fail when a company isn’t ready to expand and without a strong foundation of HR and people practices, expansion is simply a gamble. Over the years of working with many small and medium businesses, we have developed a set of processes and systems which are proven to help you grow your business and maintain your great workplace culture.

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We believe in being up front about our prices. We aren’t the cheapest, and we know that, but that’s because we truly care about our clients, and we invest in getting to know you and the outcomes you want to achieve, even if you just use us once. We offer several ways to work with us.


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