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Should we be working towards an Empathetic Culture?

Empathetic Culture – is this the new future? The way we work has been turned on its head by the... Read More

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Work Place Changes you can expect following the Pandemic

This pandemic will change the face of the work place forever… As our lives have become an endless schedule of... Read More

holiday leave during COVID-19

UPDATED: Managing Holiday Leave during COVID-19

Managing holiday leave during COVID-19 is going to be tricky here is my guide to navigating through the situation.... Read More

coronavirus options for employers

Coronavirus Crisis Options for Employers

Do you know your coronavirus options as an employer? At the time of writing this, we are just completing our... Read More


What is Furlough Leave? (Updated 17/04/2020)

What is Furlough Leave? Furlough basically just means “leave” or “a sabbatical”. To be classed as being on Furlough, the employee... Read More

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